The Secret to Long Term Motivation

Motivation is arguably the most important factor in exercise adherence, but the type of motivation we use for training can influence the likelihood of continuing for a long period.

Exercise to avoid infection

The benefits of exercise on health, both long-term and short-term, are well documented and very well known by all. However exercise can also effect your immediate well being concerning illnesses, colds and flus etc.

What is Training Like as a Coach?

Coaching is a tough profession. You spend hours a day on your feet, walking around, demonstrating and generally expending a lot of energy. We have early starts and late finishes which can mess with the body and the head. However, we always seem to find energy to get the job done.

Supplements – What does what?

We are often asked by our members, "Should I be taking any supplements?" The truth is; most people don't even know what each supplement does. So, in this article, I will go through the most common supplements available and what benefits they have.

How does single-limb training help me?

Single-limb training is perhaps one of the most neglected modes of training by the general population and amateur athletes, despite the vast range of health and performance benefits.

Is overtraining bad for my body?

We always get asked if there is any such way that we can train too much and if this can have a negative impact on the body. In this post, we discover the answer.

Is Sleep Important For Exercise?

The average amount of sleep that an adult (18+) should be getting is 7-9 hours, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Some of us will be getting very close to that, but most of us simply won’t.

Lifting Weights – How Many Reps?

When doing any form of resistance training there are a huge number of factors that can affect the results you will get. These factors include the choice of exercise, frequency…

Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnant women often face the problem of not knowing whether they should be exercising or not and especially not knowing what kind of exercise/movements they should and shouldn’t be performing.…

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