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Supplements – What does what?

We are often asked by our members, "Should I be taking any supplements?" The truth is; most people don't even know what each supplement does. So, in this article, I will go through the most common supplements available and what benefits they have.

How does single-limb training help me?

Single-limb training is perhaps one of the most neglected modes of training by the general population and amateur athletes, despite the vast range of health and performance benefits.

Tropical lettuce smoothie recipe

LETTUCE SMOOTHIE?! Most people would turn their nose up and such a concoction but not us! Try this simple recipe that tastes great and has lots of nutrients.

Three ways to lose body fat around the stomach

For most people, going to the gym is usually about trying to lose weight which in turn will make you look and feel better. One of the most stubborn areas to reduce body fat is around the stomach. Here Dominic talks to us about why we store fat in the stomach but most importantly, how we can start to lose it.

Thick strawberry cheesecake smoothie recipe

We can't be the only ones to love a smoothie? This is one of our personal favourite recipes that is so quick and easy you'll be able to make it in a couple of minutes. Yummy.

Easy Turkish kebabs recipe

We often associate kebabs with being an unhealthy late night indulgence but this doesn’t need to be the case. Follow our delicious recipe below to make your own healthy Turkish style kebabs.

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